Organize one of the 15+ European discussion hubs.

What will the festival look like?

Participants can join the festival from any physical hub in Europe. In the hub they can take part in discussions chosen in this hub, which will be broadcasted live from other festival hubs. One discussion will also take place physically in each festival hub. Using the latest in video & virtual reality technologies, we will make it possible for participants to join the discussions virtually and feel connected to every hub taking part in the discussion.

Discussions will engage experts on the topic and are developed by festival hub organizers. The chosen topics tackle the most important topics in the current context in Europe. Discussions will have moderators who will encourage participants to share their thoughts and ideas and to create a discussion with experiences and ideas from different nations.

Around the discussions festival, visitors can enjoy conversations with other participants, good food and cultural experiences.

The festival hub organizers will organize the festival from their city. This includes:
- organizing the physical space of the festival;
- developing and organizing one discussion from their hub;
- creating an infrastructure for the virtual broadcasts;
- promoting the festival in their city;
- finding necessary partners for the festival.

The festival hub event should host about 50 visitors, but creating a bigger event is welcomed as well.

What’s the role of festival hub organizers?

How will we support hub organizers?

The festival organizers will give detailed instructions to organize every feature of the event - the discussion, physical space, technological solution, communication, etc.

A festival contact person will be supporting the team throughout the whole process.

The hub organizers will have to acquire the finances, rooms and partners of the local festival hub. Although, the festival contact person will help with these aspects as well.

If relevant, the festival hub organizers can also use the resources and partnerships available for the festival organizers.

Hub organizers will get a chance to:
- be a part of the first virtual democracy festival in Europe
- gain experience organizing an international hybrid event and increase your team’s competences
- create partnerships with other NGOs, companies and public institutions all over Europe
- discuss a topic important to your organization with people all over Europe
- the spotlight in the communication of the festival

Why be a hub organizer?

What will the organization process look like?

1. As soon as we have your yes, we will expect you to form a team for organizing the event with a team leader as the primary contact person.

2. A virtual onboarding program will help you get acquainted with the specifics of the festival.

3. We will have virtual meetings to get to know each other and get started on the organization process by setting individual due dates to the biggest milestones.

4. Your team will join the online platform to connect with other hub organizers.

5. From then on, we will have regular check-ups and constant communication to help you.

6. We will give more detailed information about the festival as the project progresses.

7. Certain criteria will have to be met by April 2023 to be confirmed as a part of the official program.

Sounds good?

Questions and answers

Are there any requirements to be qualified as a hub organizer?

There are not any specific requirements. To be qualified, you just need to confirm you have the necessary competencies and motivation to organize the discussion event in your city and you have the necessary means to find financial support to organize it. 

We expect you to organize one festival discussion (yourself or with any partner) and organize the discussion hub with at least 50 participants. 

What happens if the people in our team change?

It is okay if your team changes. We ask you to find replacements and give over any information of the organizing process. Our festival team will help you onboard your new members as well. 

Who are other partners involved in the festival?

We are currently in the process of finding partners. By now, our partners for organizing the HEDF discussions and any pre-events are LSA, NGO Arvamusfestival, Üliõpilaskonna Sihtasutus, Tartu 2024 Foundation. 

What is Tartu 2024?

The Estonian city of Tartu is the European Capital of Culture in the year of 2024. Read more about it here. HEDF is one of the many projects which is a part of the main program of the Tartu 2024 program. 

How about now?