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HEDF is a discussion festival that connects people from all over Europe who want to be inspired about the future. The purpose is to have two days of a truly seamless hybrid European public sphere, where citizens of different countries can engage on European topics at their own cities.

Our fine partners:

Discussions in 15+ European countries.

A truly hybrid format

We're tired of looking at screens. Combining discussions in the public sphere with digital technologies shouldn't force us to look at small rectangles. We want to break out of the usual virtual event mindset and create a truly immersive pan-European discussion experience.

To participate at HEDF you need to physically come to a physical room, but in that room you'll be digitally engaging with people in other countries who are also physically attending the festival. There will be no audience, everyone is an active participant.

We can't do this alone. This is why we're looking for technology partners to collaborate with and create this new kind of a format.